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  • Saving mIRC-picture:

    Point to the ID of the picture and click left mouse button. You will be prompted to save file. Save it and extract from zip-archive;

  • Loading mIRC-picture:

    Run mIRC. Open main menu and choose Tools->Scripts Editor... (or Remote... or Remote scripts...)
    When window appears, choose File->Load... or File->Load->Script... Choose path/file name of desired picture and click Open button.
    If query pop-up window appears after you choose the picture file then click Yes.
    The selected picture will be loaded into your mIRC-client program within a few seconds. Click OK.

  • Playing of mIRC-picture:

    Click right mouse button anywhere in blank space of channel window (or query window). When context pop-up menu appears, choose ecolora->group->picture name.
    If you encounter any problem with picture loading, please mail to

  • Note:

    If you likes these pictures you can transfer some e-gold to my account 1653331.

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